Monday, December 08, 2008

First Night In Christchurch

I arrived here around 2pm of the kiwi time.While i dropped at christchurch the weather was already shit.Bit raining and windy.I have nobody to know me here and i donot have any idea of this place.Bit nervous ...but leave it...i found a guy from israel in the airport...i follow him and i got to the city ....and in city i found guy named calom...frm england..Then we found a YHA in rollenstone....and have a beef whoper in burger king.....Beef by me....thats mistake i dont know that the whoper was with beef...and then we head back to hostel and sleep.....
Hope there gonna be nice day tommorrow.....
And may be i ll manage my itenary.....i am crazy i even dont know where i am going...but thats intesting.....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Last Night & Good-Bye

Drink,Drink and Drink .......Continues Last Night.It been couple of weeks that I ve been drinking bit more...I am like an alcoholic nowdays......Actually i dont need any reason to drink...Someday with Kiran ...Couple times with linda.........It sucks...Waste of money ....Waste of time...and health......

I got few busy days last week with school...I am leaving this school but i gave the exam for the last term.Then the drinking night got started .....On the first day was for the last day on school with linda and kiran.Second day wtith linda third day with Kiran and linda...Last friday with kiran......Hang on I ve still more to go..............

Then it was last night ......Linda is leaving Australia.It is one of the gloomy part ....that i am going to miss a good friend.She told me she gonna come back next year ......But who knows what happen next???

Anyway i drank with her last night...we start drinking from Omalleys hotel ,Tea Garden at Bondi and We get back again to Omalleys.....Till 2 we were drinking....chatting with funny stuff ...but every things got in "STOP" with her leaving...

I got to know her from my school.Probably thats a class from anna ....It was last April between 20-30th.At first class i found her bit timid and quite....I dont care at all then ....then slowly we get bit closer and from last couple of months she is with us most of the time...
We used to split our problem each other on the ciggrratte...
Every day were amazing but in these last days ...She is leaving its pretty hard time for every me.....Last night when she came outside of omalleys to leave me .......She hug me and told me Good bye...but i cant abide that instant easily...I start to whimper....its a tough part to say any one good bye….Anyway I will miss you a lot ….Then I leave cross with heavy head and compassion. I arrived home at this morning on 6..
Bit headache…Hangover….
Now I have to back in track…My new school is starting soon….My old school closed my online account due to financial status …that its time to pay $1000 for them…and i dont have enough money to pay as well...But I am still in dilemma that should I pay them…because I am leaving it…Lets make out what’s next????

Friday, August 29, 2008


Oh my God,Its been an ages that i havenot written anything on my blog..I am not busy at all but its all about lazy.I have the same routine as usual.I hd been to Kiama which is 120 km from Sydney.A lot of fun there.Not really an intresting place but its allrite...
And the most awaited things i want to share is i had done a tattoo on my back of neck.Thats the most secret and dangerous things i am sharing on the internet that if my parents get to know about this then.....that gonna be horrible.....So Thats between you and me....Shhhh!!!!
Last term on School is going on but its like an worst term may be...that till yet i have not done any assignment and activities...may be i am careless for it that i am leaving this school anyway.
But i am scared at all,I cant do that ...because i cant go beyond my studies...I have to start doing my asignments..Coming week gonna be pretty busy week for me that i ve to go with my school stuff ...
Oh tommorrow is fathers day as well...Happy Fathers day!!!Wish you a long life DAD!!!!and I love you...

Friday, August 01, 2008

Break on Friday

After Working around 3 and half months on every Friday,I changed my Working roster slightly different that till September i gonna work on Monday instead of Friday.Friday its not too bad but i cant enjoy Friday night because i have to work on Saturday.
Friday....Bit house hold cleaning then...I try to stuck at home ..I cant go outside because of weather ...Its bit windy and gloomy...No more photos with my new gear that i am unable to go out...I am planning for some how out of Sydney ..But i cant do that coz of time table with work and school.Good thing i met a friend Scott ,he is from Nepal and he is also pretty much interested on photography..He taught me some ideas and share his knowledge ...Its good to go with him..No more option beyond going bed ..i may work well tomorrow...much rush ..weekend ...Sunday may be a big day ...that Steve gonna put me in a big responsibility....Lot of Thing scattering on my mind...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I am bit lost now days...I cant write properly....may be its due to my health....Last Sunday was my one year in Sydney.Life is as usual....No more drastic change ....I feel time is really the fastest thing around here that i don't feel that its like a year.......
School is hanging on...Three days at a school with boring lectures....It sucks a lot...After all,,,,,
The most one of the happening things on my life may be today ....I don't know .....How it happened.....Thanks a lot to every strangers behind me to make my dream comes true...I am not excited but I cant stay without writing...I have really work hard for two months to get that....Its expensive.......May be my parents will kill me .....hehe...if they know about this ...Its like 1 hundred thousand in my currency....But i decided and jump on it....Lets the thing started......My CANON EOS 40D with 17-85mm IS USM......I am starving for it..Thanks god .....and all the stranger behind these scene......Here you go my first snap....

Sunday, July 20, 2008


A lot of changes in town in this week,pope was here ,probably he will leave Sydney tomorrow.More than 150 thousands pilgrims are there to cheer up for the world youth day.I used to see a lot of beautiful pilgrims on my way back and on my way to go to work.They seems bit excited.
I should be excited as well ....But it s like my excitement died ....That i have flu from last monday .....I slept for three days...headache,runny nose and the most ha test one is the muscular pain ...I am lil bit doing better but getting back on work today .....Bit hard time with Steve.....
Tomorrow as well i have to work then 2 more days gap but school had started probably this term is the last one for me in this school.My new school gonna start from September....I have listened from my flat mate that the new school is strict and i hv to go through it...bit scared and i have to work out for the money $12000 ....Not a joke ......
A lot of changes in the city with Pope ....But i am still with my old dreams ....Pope ....Let my dreams come true.....Haha haaa

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

One of the hatest Tuesday

I get up around 10.Have a shower .No body at home. i am lazy to get out of home little bit cold outside.Not a fine sunny day.Stay whole day at home.Infront of computer ,Pain on my back...Sharing some words with stephanie on msn makes me bit pleasure...sandip brings me a foster...I am bit toxic witing these words ...I have to wake up tmrw for college i hv to renew my health insurance ...I am scratching my head ...But i am allrite ...Missi Higgins is on player with thre river .....Let the river flow....Nothing fruitful whole day...One of the boring days....I hate to stay home without anywork...that it sucks me a lot....

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Long Day

I am not in mood write anything.........I am tired....Working more than 12 hours on a day ...Can you imagine.......I dont want to work long hours but my workmate Bret is sick .....I have to do....Anyway tommorrow as well....My eyes are closed at all.....I want to sleep at least 6 hours..Hope i will be alright for tommorrow........

Friday, June 20, 2008


Yes....I slept till 9 in the morning.Get up and have a coffee and some omlette with bread.Then whole day busy with assignments.But not too bad....Its my 1 day break after a long week .Happy to stay at home...but at evening its anonying ...some headache and back pain due to staying infront of computer ...
Take a shower ....I have to cook something ....flat mates are work.I have to work on these weekend ..Long day to go tommorrow .....Friday night not any parties ....Quite as usual....Hmm thats it .....just my i am wandering....Flip flop

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First time "CHEF"On my life

I dont have passion on cooking and i am not fond of it and i dont want to say that some body force me to cook.Its just a great experience for me.It's been more than eight months that i have been working with steve.I never tried to cook up to these days and thats not my busniess as well.But i used to see that how he cook,and how he used to serve to the people.I dont know from last week i am trying to play with knife and his cooking pans.He used to tell me like "come on have a try".then i tried for few days just for fun ....
But its suddenly happen yesterday that steve have to go for funeral and he cant cook .Paul was busy with his uni.I have exams as well ...i tell him i will see....i think i ll give my exams on thursday that we have the same exam with same teacher.So with bit excitement and more nervous i tell him yes.
Then my day begins i was already tired like i was working six days already and yesterday was my seventh.On the seventh tired day i have to be chef.I dont have the whole menu to cook but there is few missing in it.
I started my days on chef from 6 on the morning ....Making sandwiches is not so hard but making an order with quee of customer may get horrible.anyway i didnot get any horrible time but it was pressure some time.I was thinking i will not be able to cook for anyone coz it was quite on the morning but we get few but not a heap up to end .At the end bret told me like i have served 62 customer then i felt suprised.Anyway that was really one of my life time experience being a chef in bondi...Bret was really helping other wise i will be fucked..
Then i get back get bed early coz it was really tired .....get around seven and i have been to school ...exams i am allowed to do that ....but that got shit.....but i am hopeful.Lunch with fried rice in a shit chinese restaurant.I cant eat at all.May be linda enjoyed it .....get back home a heap to do assignment ...coming week is the last otherwise i ll not have a goes on.............

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Are you in mood today?

I am not busy,I am not drunk at all and i am not in love.Thats my day at all.But still, i am not writing anything .Actually i am not in mood and the next thing is that you shouldnot be busy ,not to get drunk and you shouldnot be in love to write.
Actually you need mood to write ...You may be wondering what sort of mood does i need to write?
Not any Special but if i feel i have to share something then i used to write....
I dont have any special to share ...I have my school as usual coz its tuesday ...i have holiday yesterday due to queens birthday..Then at school i showed my final assignment to my teacher she was not happy at all.anyway she said that was ok.Then i got coffee with linda but then the trouble begin like she have a due date of her assignment today but she have not completed at all.
I get really pitty on her when she told me that if she fail the exam she have to go back sweden .I tried my best to help her but its not easy that in a certain limit of time we have to go for a heap of assignment anyway teacher told her she was on the passed boundries.Thats great...
Then we headed for some drink in a Irish pub in the city we have some irish drink which was really a nice one and i get back home .....
Not at all that was like a trouble for me when she was in such condition without finishing her assignment ...anyway i will have same problem may be oneday ....but Who cares!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Getting late for school is like my daily routine nowdays.I get 40 minutes late on school today.With big heartbit i entered class.Every body were looking on me.Anyway i take a sit and get try to be as usual.Anna is giving her lecture on air.Many of the student along me ,we were on the lost vegas.I get online on msn and tried to get some gossip with friends.Oh!!Today is tuesday my new friend Linda is online .I tried to check her on the class room she was on the last row.We chat a while and we went for a coffee.
I miss my second class that it started bit early.Fuck...I have nothing to do...I headed City With the beautiful blonde gal for shoping.I dont have an idea on girls clothes and fashion i get quite that she buy a allstar shoes and a shirt.I just give her idea on color i cant do more than that.
After shopping ,i take her on the same place for the MOMO where i have been yesterday.She tried fried rice and some momo.she shared something about her family and some of her past eras .
After the lunch i get back home.Nothing less anyway its not a bad day ....
I have to get upearly tomorrow as well...Time to go bed

Monday, May 12, 2008

Three Out Of 9

Working ...Four long days with weekend.I have break today.Its not a perfect break that i have to go college around 1 pm on the day.Boring lecture with Anna as usual.She taught Flash...I remember the flash class with Nirman on Acme.That was much better.I dont whatsort of eduacation is here in Australia.

Its really a shit than a tution center in bagbazar.They are just behind the bulk fees.May be the education is not better due to school reputation , may be that these school are not good.I have listened that University i mean the renowned are much better here.But Any way they are just dreams ...To get Degree from them ...Blue moon in Sky ...

Finished my school then i catch with some friends of my room mate and have a heavy dumling(MO:MO) at China town.Narrow Corner with lot of People is the place where the restaurant is located but the momo are really good.may be the Pork one is much better than the lamb.The special one is the Bambo Dish which they used to serve the dumling on it.

Yum....They are fabulos ...I pay a heavy $24 for those and get back home with heavy belly.I was planning to have a foster .I get it from the bottleshop and way back home.From downstairs i saw light on the lounge room.

Some body was on the House.It was Pratikshya My flat mate.I didnot talk with her much .I headed toward my room.After a while she knock my door and gave me suprise.It not then other that she is moving from our house today.By listening that i was not really suprised.Coz i feel that she is not feeling relaxed here after the giant bro moved from here.

At first when i moved here from Ali we used to live 5 then after a Wild party gal made 6 then Nabin used to be always here then it got seven then there is a couple and it is all together Nine.

After a bit shout out ,They moved from here and we staying4 ,but from today its perfect 3 but its bit expensiveto pay $290 by three.But we need a good one not as the wild party rocker or the meshy people.But we will see who gonna be here .....Its a peaceful right now !!!!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Emotion What do you think about emotion on you?Are you emotional?I feel it depends upon my mood in my case.It doesnot mean that i am not emotional and also not in sense that i am stone hearted.

I am emotional as well.Mothers day jave just passed away from my side.I am far away from my mom that i can see her with sweets and bunch of flowers.But i cant,Just i called her in sake of the mothers day.She started sobbing i dont feel good.She usually started sobbing when i call her and ask her how she is doing.

I have seen a lot of article in internet as well as on others blog about mother.Everybody have their own view on mother.Some touch my heart a lot ,Make me emotional.

i am writing these emotional topic that what sort of thing s emotion that it arises suddenly when you feel something on your heart.I have seen a interview of a heart doctor who told that emotion is not in heart but in brain...but he also doenot believe that its completely on brain he feel something on heart as well.

Anyway part of emotion ....and then after fun and entertainment!!!We forget all the emotion and enjoy...But while you in emotion i dont know what you love to do...But i love to read and probably write something and talk something emotional......!!!!

Anyway its time to sleep ...I have school early tommorrow at nine .I have to go early ..At end i am checking some blogs i get this picture bit funny ...Rappers of nepali politics..after emotion some fun....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lonely Days

After a downpour around a week,We have sunny days from yesterday.Not a dramatic change on my days.Working four days and school for 3 days as usual.In these end of April,Winter have started little bit here.Cold morning and evening and windy days.But Clear blue sky touches my heart.

I like the weather of sydney infact .But i dont like gloomy days.For last week its not a good weather here always raining .From yesterday its bit fine.Today i have college early in the morning .My some of the flat mates were moved from here.Its a good news but they are not moved formaly i mean they have their belongings still here. i am afraid that they may get back.

But now we are four here.Four guys in two bed room unit is great.May be its quite expensive staying less people but it have its own benefit that i can take a deep breathe now.Anyway in these cold days i am alone at home,some mates are at work and some of them are at school.I am waiting for september for my new course.I am not exicted for that but i am not happy that i am wasting my time.I am still on the old school.I have to go there for the visa that i cant wait till september without doing nothing so i have to go.I am thinking to finish my course as fast track within the september but its not easy .

Anyway lets see,i dont want to ruin my 14 months in sydney without any fish on my hand.But i dont have choice as well.Same job with steve is hanging on.Hope god will help me to stick with this always because without that i cant imagine here anything.No ways of entertaintment i can imagine here,except a bottle of foster and some puff of winfield are tools for that.

No lots of friend get touched with me,may be i dont want to touch with them.I love to lonely as well and the next thing its not any funny to get involved with friends because lot of them are shit here.Talking about dreams no any dreams ....(vacant)I have wasted a bit money to be here.Sometime i used to think about that but no idea how can i get it back...because still i have a long way to go...Photography is my passion so i am intrested in some SLR cameras ....lets matters...I love to travel but school ,work and money are the three factors i cant go against them.

Hang on buddy ....Shhhh.....I have a heart bit ...I am still alive....

Monday, April 07, 2008

As Usual

Its not realy a sunny day,from last three days.Morning and evening are much colder nowdays.May be the winter gonna start soon.Day light saving have changed again that i have to minus 1 hour on my time.Feeling bit sick not in a sense of my health but i dont know i am not hapy at all.Mom and Dad are on my canvas again and again.May be its due to the bad days and by staying whole three days at home.
I can not justify myself as lazy .But a bit i am ..I am not seriously looking house that i know that i cant stay with these fucking shits....They are same as their history nothing change ....They never changed as well.I didnot talk a lot with them..I didnot find interest on them.Basically every day night out and coming home after midnight are their part of entertainment.
Leave those ...I dont want to waste my time in these shits..I am checking house on the internet but i didnot get a tine to get on inspection of the house that i am on work on those days.
Big thing on these post i pay the admission fee for my new college ,Really its too difficult to collect money for it.Thanks God,i finally did that.But i have wait up to september to start the new course"Community Welfare".
I dont know why i choose this subject.I am not in mood of PR or other.Just i wanna study these beacause i love to work in social sector.Anyway Life goes on..its a long time up to september that i have to wait and continue my current study but i dont have choice coz its really hard to get seats for the community welfare.
Job ..Bit study ..Not a lot of fun(coz i am not in mood) are my days ticking out .But i have to look for house i need some lonely ness that i can think a lot.God is on the way ...I am hope ful.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Am I Rude??????

I dont have answer of this question...From last few weeks I get rude with people.I dont care about whatever other think about me coz i feel that I am allrite.May be you me everyone have the same feelings that I am allrite...But some may not tolerate that.
Its an incident as well..Today i am talking with the same shit which i used to think her as baby young.She is the same one on my apartment who behave as baby but she is nasty.I dont have rights to tell someone about this.But I am just writing my feelings.Who cares...
She is one of the youngest on my view.I love to say her sister ..she is a sister some how but she crossed the limit.What you think being a sister ....Does your responsibilty get finished just by telling someone "Dai".You should also think about what someone thinks about you if you feel you are sister of someone.You may think about his likes and dislikes( I am crossing limit)Why should she think about me if she cant think about herself that she is a baby but young.
Topic is not started with my likes and dislikes but its started with her mesh and hygine which i found one of the weakest part of her.
I just make a lots of try not be so in a cool way(wasnot rude) i make her room clean i even clean the floor of her room because i thought that she may get changed beacuse she used to know about it slowly but she give damn it one time,two time i tried tell her again but everytime she makes her face shit when i tell her something then i get on temper last time in some heavy words...She start sobbing....
I was told rude by her friend,by her loving giant bro and even by my friend whom i used to believe him a lot.I think my self may be i am rude..
But yesterday i was just repeating the ways i used to deal with that lets get cooperate lets make something better on home..i see on her face she is totally off...I told her why she pretend so everytime she start her crying again...I was fucked off again infront of all other fucking mates ..that it seems i made her cry ...But i am emotional too ...i have feeling as well ....I can understand a heart.But if some one care of me then i can think of that(I dont mean here that care means she should show her love i mean kiss and hug...I just need a silence where a man can think about himself as well others)So please.......You can tell me as well that i am rude ,I am so ...
gone ....but I want to built my dream world whereever and whenever ......................

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Staying With Animals

One of my friend complain on this word "Heaven to Hell"Coz i have keep this title on my msn as well.He told me did you feel the difference between Nepal and Australia.See; Nepal is heaven and Australia is hell for you .Without any argue i tell him yes.
But it is not the fact that I am not using this word to clearify that Nepal is heaven and australia is hell.I dont have anything to say about the nepal and australia because both are part of my life.Just for present sense of feeling i am feeling as coz i moved to a new place where i am staying with five animals at all.
Around 10 minutes from station ,if you follow lonely tree street you can get a house with no 57 in red color.Take a upstairs knock the unit 4 some one may open the white door.while you enter the lounge room you can see a a black Couch with a mattress on the next side and many mesh around .This is the mattress of a baby giant animal who never tried to feel as maturity on him.Eating is his passion ;sleeping is his hobby and is his medication to sleep ...but he is broke nowdays perhaps......
When you leave that room and pass the corridor as a small space you can see a small room with a broken blunt on windows and you may feel that all the crazy kids are living on this room because you feel that bedshits are never managed on beds,all the bowls of several weeks are layed down with some cockroach and flies on it.And this is the most mesh room in this house.
Thats the room of beautiful two women who never tried to clean their nose but pretend that they can change the world getting wild on a party wearing a fashionable top and shorts.
When you take a look behind you here is our room.I am in the chair here Infront 2 room mates ....are out now.You can enjoy if you feel relaxed but i am really fucked up here ...i am missing the days with Ali....thats why it hell for me over here...Up to yet we dont have internet at home i force them to connect .....get it but its difficult to get a chance ......Hi5,yahoo messenger are the most hitted counter.
Feb 4 is the date when i moved here .....more than a month i am staying with them...feeling and attitude to them are changed as everest i dont know why.Making food is the biggest deal here ...and take a good nap is a luck that in one night you get you light on more than 4 times ..huge phone rings are normal.
$60 then after adding 1 more drama Soltini now $48 is the payable rent on week .Screaming from kitchen to bath room are usual washing has a major issues always...thats not mine ..
I dont know how long i gonna survive here ......................Staying 6 people in a house is not big deal but it differs from the wonder with whom you staying...May be all of these fuckers have same feeling towards mee.but i dont care........................I am just drawing my angle...Finally i write something after a long may be i will continue writing .....i have internet at my computer ...
Same job with steve is heading on....$255 to$495 .......God is with me may be....Other wise i cant imagine to change my course .......But i still yet i dont have the total money ....Lifes goes on............

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Time to say GoodBye

Its been a more than 5 months that we(Ali and Me) have been living together.But he is moving tommorrow.Thats not the matter that we still live in the same sydney but also its not the same as we lived together in a same room.It doesnot matter he is a muslim i am hindu.He may think about Allah and i may think about Shiva,bishnu bla bla bla but i belive in him he belive on me thats the match between a muslim and hindu.
We get to know each other on the Townhall while having the chips on same chair.From the same chair and chips we get to started a same room as a room mate.It doesnot matter how he feel about me ??Positive or negative but i found him as a good one whom i get a lot of things to know on sydney.Actually i get an experience.
Acually we dont want to get moved to different direction ...But we dont have a choice.The owner had sold the flat.And we are late to look for the house.He is moving to city ...I have no idea ...May be with a some chaps.....but i know i will not be comfortable.
But what should i do?No choice......But Hope everything will be fine...May be its quite boring for few days and i may miss the lonelyness.But i hope i will get used to again with the crowd.
Between these five months styaing with ali i have get to know with a next guy .He is also from Pakistan and he is also in Aus since from donkeys.It doesnot matter how long he stay with us and what was his personal life and what sort of opinion he used to think about me.But Sunny,Whatever you think about me,...You are also a book of expereince which i used to get a lot from you.Whenever its a running or sprint at park or the drive to botany bay every thing are memorable on my mind.But you moved secretly without knowing me its not fair,bro..Anyway I cant do you anything because i am more twisted than you and i am just starting my life here ......I cant do anything for you ....At Last GOOD BYE SUNNY...You have a good one...
Hmm..Lets see tommorrow i am not sure where i get stucked ......Anyway Ali Bro ...Thanks a lot for your wonferful company and we may be again on sydney......
Experience never ends ...i am rowing the boat of life ......

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cricket on Sydney

Every time whenever i got email from my friends,or have a chat with them on messenger .They ask me one question every time"Do you watch cricket on Sydney"?Every time i answered them"no".I dont know whatever they thinks about here that they may think that its easy to go to cricket match.And the next thing is wherever the match in Australia they thought its on Sydney.
Every time they ask me this question I told them i watch on tv.They asked again next question"Why"Its better to see the live ,You are in a place to see the live.But i have never tried.
I dont know actually where the cricket happens here and how much the ticket cost.

Entrance Gate A;Where we entered from this gate

You know every body i am student i dont have enough to spend but this week i got a chance to see the live .It was not the International matches like wise India Vs Australia or India Vs Pakistan bla bla but it was a local match between New south Wales and Western Australia.
But one thing its not any thing less than a international match ...Just there is absence of crowd but other thing i mean players,umpire,cost were similar.Its seems pretty same as International match.

Balling Balling;Nathan Bracken Balling against W.A
The game is supposed to be started at 2.15.We drive from home to cricket groung around 45 minutes.The stadium is named as Sydney Cricket Ground.To get how is cricket in Australia i moved with one couple...I am quite bored with the couple but I enjoyed when i get cricket ground .Its my first time on stadium at sydney .Huhe stadium with large two giant Screens on two sides of the stadium.They Broadcast the live match on the stadium with the replay of the match.

View of game with giant screen on the corner
Then the beer bar inside of stadium,comfortable chairs,and hot chips are intresting.Anyway i enjoyed the fun of cricket in Sydney .I heard from others that its better to take drinks and food from home then you will enjoy a lot.Crazy fans of the teams and heavy security are all the part of the game to see.

And after the day at night the huge pole lights with 1000 of watts get the ground glowing which is more beautiful than the day.At the end we leave the ground at 8.30 which is really a memory for me .....I enjoyed cricket in may try it if you are here or if you are planning to be here ...Howzzaat
Autographs for fans;Matthew Nicholson
For ticket and other stuffs you can chk,/

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Time is Ticking Out

How you feel about me ,from few last months ?Did you get any changes on me.Talking about my physical structure i am the same one which i used to be before.Behaviour,attitude,knowledge may be same.I think people may get surprise on me that why i am talking these things today.July20,August,September,October,November,December and January 20.Its total 6 months from July 20 to Jan 20 that i have been here in Sydney.I don't know how life spins here in so speedy way.
But It's my six months in Sydney.I did not find any changes on myself but time has changed a lot.From the beginning of berala hostel to dulwich hill .1 bedroom sharing with 5 people to 1 bedroom on 2.These all are mine experience.Canberra to Carlos bar are the interesting events as well new year and fire works are also one of the events in these six months.
Actually i cant say that i am not satisfied here .....but i am not at all.From the first day to yet i am not satisfied with work but the present one was OK.From Sakur bhai to Xin all are the fucking sucker in Sydney.Steve is bit ok up to yet.Shankar dai help me a lot to get this present job ,He have been back to Nepal but i never forget him and sameer too.You Are the best guys...
About study i have completed my two term.Both of my term are good coz its not a new one for me.At the end of term are always terrible because of the assignments and exams.Anyway they are all right ...But i am planning to switch to a next course..Hope I will...
Talking about accommodation from last 5 months i am staying with Ali.He was not too bad.We are able to know to each other that's why we are still OK.But from last few days we have the problem with the house that we have to leave it.I dint know may be we have to get separate from each other but i have not planned yet that where i have to go ...I have best here with him ..Because i get every experience of lifestyle of Australia with him.But its time to leave ...may be god will help us too continue each other again.......
So at the end from six months span,My friends prabin had written that its like a iron period in Sydney.That if you get over this first six months than you can run smoothly .But,....hope so...I will start the run soon .Anyway i hope everything will run smooth as usual.I don't have things to say that what i have lost in thse first six months and i am not also proud to say that what i have achieved...Its normal......and i used to love rocking in normal....

Thursday, January 17, 2008

30 Minutes Experience

As usual getting up late is my routine ,Now days i have a next headache with the house.The lease for the house which i am staying now is going to be finished on feb 4 and we are unable to continue coz the house is going to get bought by other party.Anyway I pass the whole time checking house on the is the place i used to visit a alot.But there's problem we need a home near to city and station, 2 bedroom unit .We can get it best one by one but the problem is we need cheap which we cant get easily.

In the mid day i get a call from my friend.I planned to get camsie to get some gossip with guys but i get deviated on my way from station and we went to get experience on sydney .Its my first time on sydney but he have done a double hatrick.Anyway 30 minutes was exiciting,It was good or bad to say but i experienced it.I am not serial one but i have opinion to get an experience.Thats it...$75 to get experience is acceptable.

Then Takila,Vodka With Red bull all get part of my day. I dont know why i get so exicted today.

With work ,Boredom,Enjoyment some how is also a part of life ....Anyway my random jotting continues..........

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Busy Friends

Ring and Ring ....Sorry ....The person you are calling is unavailable leave your massage and number.Its shit man...I didnot leave anyone from my mobile whom i felt that they are freak for me and they may give me a shit time ..but noway there is no one one after another there is the same headed back home.Its been a long that i have not visited with my friends and have some chip on town hall which was daily routine for us in early days when i am at sydney but today after 5 months i tried to see the same faces around me but i cant.I know if they have job than they cant get me because everything can'tbe more than a dollar.But see every one was busy on the same hour.

I am also the same shit and a lazy bone who just work two days on week who wants company for the rest of the days but who will be here for this lazy. Anyway getting up late from bed as usual.Then have a breakfast hmmm...fried rice thats yummy.Then to get some company i get to my friends house at campsie but he wasnt there then again to get company get to city.There i have seen a lot guys on a education agent that they want to change their course.They want to study course which have a good scope as well as the chances for the residency.

I may have a great dream on it but i dont have a dollar to change my course now and i am a lazy one that i am uable to make it.I felt hungry coz its been a lot that i dont have the chips ...lets try it i spent $4.95 on it then try to call a single friend to get a compant that someone may be nearby me ....But its a lot of shit ...That i cant get anyone ..even i tried to call a new comer here on sydney who is here just 1 months ago but still her mobile was off anyway i dont have any company up to end.Then i make an end for the day i catch a train get back home..................even i feel there is nobody one the train ..on way i get a question from some one excuse me!Is this train goes to petersham?I look her face she have a big sun glasses on her face that i can see my face on her glasses.I said her in a small voice ...I am afraid this not the train for petersham...She said Shit what happened to me.....and she change from next stop ...Similarly what wrong with my friends today.......Busy sydney..busy life...busy friends...except me...But How long?????

Monday, January 07, 2008

I Am Alone?Is There Anybody.............

I dont want to be alone...Is there anybody alive as me who is alone...In fact can you imagine that you are alone just you on this whole world.You will have every thing as it is.You have your house,your car,your belongings ,money whatever but you Should be alone."Only YOU" on this whole earth.Is that Deal?Accept or No.

If i were you ...I will tell Yes But after my imagination I will have Big NO because i cant ....

But Francis Lawrence try to make it.If you dont believe than grab a copy of "I am legend".

I know its monday today ..i dont have work as usual..Getting uplate around 11 then have some breakfast...thats my routine ...I dont believe its sydney that i tried to pass my time with movies .I get into local movie store and check for movies.I ask them that i m intrested to see the movie"I am legend"but they reply me you cant get it so early on DVD because it was released just last week.

I leave the Store with bye and tried some hindi movie on indian shop but i got suprised i get the movie "i am legend"there.But it was not the original but a pirated one.oh alas!This is also happend in sydney as in mahabouddha of Kathmandu.

Anyway Sydney is fast forward .I grab it and spend my 1 and half hour on know the quality of picture is not good but its workable.Anyway Will smith is one of my favourite actor Indeed.The whole movie got intrestinf for me that New York is really Intresting with the lonely ness and dialouge on the lonely ness I remember most"My Name is Robert Neville. I am survivor living in new york city.Is there anybody ot there..anybody please.You arenot Alone"

Off course he was not alone he lost his dog but he got someone lady with his son surviving at Newyork.He was a scientist getting research on the virus which make loose the whole newyork with his wife and daughter marley but he was the only one he used to think that i m alone but he became a legend at the end.Anyway I dont want to write here the whole story ..that you may not feel intresting So go on ..You are not Alone.....

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cross Finger Still Goes On 08

Its more than enough,that i am lazy nowdays.See,Its more than 1 month that i have been lost .But the next thing i dont have such extra ordinary to write on it.Christmas has gone ...It's may be a new taste for me .I just celebrate it with watching movies at home but new year was quite impressive.Fire Works on city with Happy new year from girls "i cant ignore".

Its more than half of my vacation but no more works .I have to labour hard but i dont know the cause for this matter that its me or the job i dont know.One of my friend told me that experience is one of the main things to earn on life.thats'why i give more priority on it.hah ha,its the way to keep cool .Oh i remember talking about experience ,i have got the experience of night life of sydney .Friday night ,little drunk on bar with dance on house music.And thanks for the spanish gal who gave me experience on dancing with the cool way she knows.

Taking photos is my passion i love to share with you but weather ,photo and me are not favourable on me.I wish i will have DSLR one day that i ll share my every moments but the canon IXUS is my daily utensils today.Beside photos i browse internet nowdays more on chatting i know i hate chatting but i cant ignore because i have nothing to do.My mates suggest me to apply online but i didnot have hope coz my friends do this shit a lot.But i am not frustuated.Love enjoying reading others blogs i enjoys darshan,she has been to my hometown

and dinesh on blogmandu and prabin ..these are the blogs i used to chk alot....Any way lifes going on cross finger on good job still continues.....................