Saturday, April 07, 2007

Miss Nepal -"Outside BICC"

Miss Nepal Inside !!!!!!

Everybody inside BICC Hall were cheering for the participated Miss nepal.But the condition outside the hall was not so.A number of thousand woman protester were demanding to stop the event .More than 18 protest were injured when they clash with the police .But the at last the miss nepal took place with a huge security on the gate.At last Sitashma Chand, a commerce graduate, won the title leaving behind 18 other contestants. Former Miss Nepal Sugarika K.C crowned 23 years old Chand, who hails from Lalitpur district.Congratulation sitashma!!!

I need you point here that Is it good to have such miss nepal contest or not???? Please give your Opinion......

Miss nepal Sitashma chand

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Andolan(Strike)- An Endless job in Nepal
It’s been just 22 years that I have been born. During these 22 years of age I have seen many political issues and incident in Nepal coz I am lucky that I got chance to enroll in this Loktantra period also.
But In my life years there are only few months that I found that there is no any Strike and violence. In past 12 years the violence remain high from the Maoist and the government and now there is a flavors of loktantra in the country but also still there is Andolan and strike as usual. Is there any different way beside andolan and ChakkaJam???
But Who Cares????


Monday, April 02, 2007

Interim Government with Maoist- A Giant leap on Nepal
I am out of the valley that i am unable to update my blogs frequently.It was 4 on the evening when i heard about the Interim- government with Maoist.I am not clear about the ministry what they got but i felt its a giant leap that the maoist is now in the government.So lets hope the new face from the maoist and other new ministers bring a true feeling of Peace in the Country.