Saturday, April 28, 2007


With a heavy eyes from whole night on TV, I am here updating this blog that Australia has won the ICC WorldCup Cricket of 2007.There is no doubt that Australia one of the leading team on Cricket won the match.The final match between Australia and srilanka was held on barbados of westIndies.Due to rain the game have been delayed but after it started AUS starts show its game with a century from gilchrist at last with 53 Runs from(d/w) method Australia won the game.Any way Congtratch to Australia and to all of the australian Fans.
After the Victory

Adam Gilchrist on SIX..He made Century

Better Luck next Time...Srilanka
Score:Australia 281/4 (38/38 ov)Sri Lanka 215/8 (36.0/36 ov)
Photos:AP & Getty Images

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Anniversary of JANA-ANDOLAN II
Its been a year that the Jana Andolan happend in the country.Whole country was on street in the favor of Loktantra.The next thing is that my blogging was also started with the photos from Andolan .So today i want to remind some old photos from that victory day and yesterdays .

Victory Rally Of Jana-AndolanII

Yesterdays JANAANDOLAN Anniversary's Mass Rally(Pic-Shaligram Tiwari)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

MELA of Nepali Bloggers

Its 21st April ,The best blogmeet as defined my Ujjwal ji . But I am not here at Kathmandu So i am unable to attend it.Anyway lets hope for the next time.In that meet total 24 were attend and a more no of female bloggers Avi,rosha,and others were also there.You may see here in the photo also."Some new opinions from new bloggers and a future plans was on the meeting"Its from a participant in short.Hope the meet will work a lot!!!!!!Best of Luck for BLOGAN....