Friday, July 07, 2006

Thats The Day Before The Victory Of Loktantrik Nepal(April 24,2006)
Street children too participating in the Demonstration
Cheer up ....The Day is coming
Stop....This is our right to envoke
Waiting to cross the Border of Curfew Area
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Thursday, July 06, 2006

On The Curfew Days But...No problem....We will Winn(April 23,2006)

We will cross the boundary.....
Smoke Of the tubes on the Curfew Hours
Its our Duty to clean The Roads from the Obstacles
Comeon ......Wanna get Stone .....Then
Dance For Loktantra......

The pictures are taken on the curfew hours at Kalanki on Demonstration So Keep On watching...
All the photo are copyright Protected.No any reproduction or misuse without proper authority to the photographer is illegal.
©Raj Shrestha

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The crowd for theNew Nepal(April 21,2006)

The Day Of Mishap in Kalanki,Where the Kalanki Roars (April 20,2006)

Mass from Thankot and Kirtipur heading toward kalanki for the demonstration
War with the stone and Bullet
A injured who get a broken head by the police beating
Durj Kumar Rai the officer hit the gun for several demonstrator

(photo by-Rajendra Manandhar)
The bullet examining by the Human Rights

All the photographs are from Kalanki in which day more than 3 dozens are injured and more than 7 are Killed.All the photo graphs are by Raj Shrestha except the Durj Rai (courtesy by Rajendra Manandhar -THT)Thanks for him...and comment for the photos ..

Monday, July 03, 2006

Labours participation too On the Demonstration(April19,2006)

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Refresh With the Bell Bibaha Of Newari Religon

The function is held on Basantpur at Kathmandu ...
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On the Road for the New Nepal...(17th April,2006)

Photographs are From Kalanki at The Demonstration.....Njoyyyyy

Demonstration With Singing And Dancing (16th April,2006)

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Thats 11th April (Days Of Demonstration with The Curfew)

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