Friday, September 08, 2006

A Memorable trip to KAKANI

The day was 6th september and the time around 3.30pm we make a way to a beautiful place which is just an hour from the Valley Kathmandu .And the luck favour us that the day was totally distrupted by the labours demonstration in the city but we came out from the valley to a peaceful and cold weather trip"KAKANI"......Check out the coolness and the natural flavours of KAKANI:::

A eye catching moment from KAKANI

A grave of japanese man in Kakani who wants to be in Nepal after his Death
Really the nature on the sunnnn
A japanese grave who is sleeping there
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More photos of Kakani
A foggy day
Thats the memorial Park of Kakani of the Thai airways crash on1992
The death paasengers's name on the slate of the wall
Thats the sun set from the memorial park

A panoromic view on KAKAni
Panaromic view of the lights 1
Panaromic view of the lights
A view on the jungle

Oh Amazing........

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:On the Way to Kakani:

The mile stone on the way of KAKaNI
A green Farm after a long time i have seen and felt it!!
A house of the locals at Kakani which really a Matching
Local boy i met him on the way he told me that"he is on the way to buy ciggratte for his father"
A motor road between the two hills and the Greenery
Village inside the fog Doggies on the Way
Seems as dream village

Boy on the way

All photos are copyright protected to Raj shrestha..