Friday, August 01, 2008

Break on Friday

After Working around 3 and half months on every Friday,I changed my Working roster slightly different that till September i gonna work on Monday instead of Friday.Friday its not too bad but i cant enjoy Friday night because i have to work on Saturday.
Friday....Bit house hold cleaning then...I try to stuck at home ..I cant go outside because of weather ...Its bit windy and gloomy...No more photos with my new gear that i am unable to go out...I am planning for some how out of Sydney ..But i cant do that coz of time table with work and school.Good thing i met a friend Scott ,he is from Nepal and he is also pretty much interested on photography..He taught me some ideas and share his knowledge ...Its good to go with him..No more option beyond going bed ..i may work well tomorrow...much rush ..weekend ...Sunday may be a big day ...that Steve gonna put me in a big responsibility....Lot of Thing scattering on my mind...


Anonymous said...

I like the new photo at the top of your blog!

Anonymous said...

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Adams Kevin said...

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