Friday, March 02, 2007


I think I will have a great time tommorrow that I have a holiday.You may be in question that why there is a holiday tommorrow ?But infact there is a leave for us that it is a day before "Holi"a Colors celebration in Nepal.So there is holi on Bholi(tommorrow).
Actually I am not rude for holiday before a Holi. I really enjoy the holidays but the leave before Holi is not so worthful one.According to my previous year experience that the Ballon attack with a dirty water is so terrible.Not only on the day of Holi But the celebration starts here before a week of holi specially here in Kathmandu.So What do you think is it a right way of celebrating before a week with a ballon of dirty water.And the last thing "HAPPY HOLI" but only bholi.