Friday, June 20, 2008


Yes....I slept till 9 in the morning.Get up and have a coffee and some omlette with bread.Then whole day busy with assignments.But not too bad....Its my 1 day break after a long week .Happy to stay at home...but at evening its anonying ...some headache and back pain due to staying infront of computer ...
Take a shower ....I have to cook something ....flat mates are work.I have to work on these weekend ..Long day to go tommorrow .....Friday night not any parties ....Quite as usual....Hmm thats it .....just my i am wandering....Flip flop

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

First time "CHEF"On my life

I dont have passion on cooking and i am not fond of it and i dont want to say that some body force me to cook.Its just a great experience for me.It's been more than eight months that i have been working with steve.I never tried to cook up to these days and thats not my busniess as well.But i used to see that how he cook,and how he used to serve to the people.I dont know from last week i am trying to play with knife and his cooking pans.He used to tell me like "come on have a try".then i tried for few days just for fun ....
But its suddenly happen yesterday that steve have to go for funeral and he cant cook .Paul was busy with his uni.I have exams as well ...i tell him i will see....i think i ll give my exams on thursday that we have the same exam with same teacher.So with bit excitement and more nervous i tell him yes.
Then my day begins i was already tired like i was working six days already and yesterday was my seventh.On the seventh tired day i have to be chef.I dont have the whole menu to cook but there is few missing in it.
I started my days on chef from 6 on the morning ....Making sandwiches is not so hard but making an order with quee of customer may get horrible.anyway i didnot get any horrible time but it was pressure some time.I was thinking i will not be able to cook for anyone coz it was quite on the morning but we get few but not a heap up to end .At the end bret told me like i have served 62 customer then i felt suprised.Anyway that was really one of my life time experience being a chef in bondi...Bret was really helping other wise i will be fucked..
Then i get back get bed early coz it was really tired .....get around seven and i have been to school ...exams i am allowed to do that ....but that got shit.....but i am hopeful.Lunch with fried rice in a shit chinese restaurant.I cant eat at all.May be linda enjoyed it .....get back home a heap to do assignment ...coming week is the last otherwise i ll not have a goes on.............