Saturday, December 30, 2006

"Iraq without me is nothing"

Its around 10.00 am in the morning,when i heard that saddam had been executed .At first i didnot believe it,but when the news scatterd all over the media,then i mean to believe it.Its just a week i remember that the Iraqi court flash out the decision that saddam shoud be hanged on upcoming 30 days.But the human rights and other organization clearifing that no to perform so.But,indeed saddam was hanged on 6.00 am at local time of iraq .

At some search on internet i have found some last moment with saddam
from a videographer which I want to share with you .
Ali Al Massedy was 3 feet away from Saddam Hussein when he died. The 38 year old, normally Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's official videographer, was the man responsible for filming the late dictator's execution at dawn on Saturday. "I saw fear, he was afraid," Ali told minutes after returning from the execution. Wearing a rumpled green suit and holding a Sony HDTV video camera in his right hand, Ali recalled the dictator's last moments. "He was saying things about injustice, about resistance, about how these guys are terrorists," he says. On the way to the gallows, according to Ali, "Saddam said, ‘Iraq without me is nothing.’"

Ali says he followed Saddam up the gallows steps, escorted by two guards. He stood over the hole and filmed from close quarters as Saddam dropped through—from "me to you," he said, crouching down to show how he shot the scene. The distance, he said, was "about one meter," he said. "He died absolutely, he died instantly." Ali said Saddam's body twitched, "shaking, very shaking," but "no blood," he said, and "no spit." (Ali said he was not authorized to disclose the location, and did not give other details of the room.)

foto & source:Iraq tv,msnbc,TIME magazine...

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

बिरोध पनि जाडोमा तातो पनि
देशमा सबै जसो बिस्वबिधालय मा पदाधिकारी को नीयुक्ती नभएको भन्ने बिरोध मा बिभिन्न विद्यार्थी संघठन हरु ले सडक मा बिरोध जनाइ रहेका छन । समयमा परिक्षा नभएको ,उचित निती नियम पनि नवनेको जस्ता यावत् कुरा भन्दै गरिएको बिरोध सडक मा टायर को मुस्लो संगसंगै अगि बड्दो छ तर गजब के देखियो भने बिरोध मा बालिएको टायर ले हिजो आज यो बिरोध संगसंगै पुस् को यो जाडो मा तातो पनि दिए जस्तो देखियो।फोटो मा हेर्नुस् त कोहि टायर् बालेर नारा लाउदै छन् त कोहि ज्यान् सेकाउदै छन्।
गजब् छ् बा!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Time for Christmas

After a year an awaited celebration Christmas is on our doorsteps.
In the previous year I got a chance to celebrate it with a great rocking and bang but this year the chance has been pissed off.Any Way I am here to wish all you people
A Happy Merry Christmas
Here i have collected A brief history of Christmas so if intrested then Chk iT OuT:
Many of our Christmas traditions were celebrated centuries before Christ was born. Giving gifts, the Yule log, carol singing, church processions and the 12 days of Christmas can all be traced back to the early Mesopotamians.Sacaea, celebrated by the Persians and Babylonians, was a similar festival during which slaves and masters would exchange roles.Early Europeans believed in evil spirits and as the dark days of winter approached, special rituals and celebrations were held to drive out evil and welcome back the sun.During winter in Scandinavia the sun would disappear for many days. When it returned a Yuletide celebration was held and a special feast served around a burning Yule log fire.The Roman's celebrated their god Saturn with a festival called Saturnalia which ran from 17 to 24 December. Celebrations included masquerades in the streets, festive meals, visits to friends and the exchange of good-luck gifts. The Romans used decorations of garlands of laurel and green trees lit with candles. The fun and festivities in honour of a pagan god were frowned on by the early Christians who wanted to keep the birth of Christ a solemn, religious festival.Some theories claim that the Christmas celebration was invented by the Christians to compete against the pagan December celebrations. Eventually the church succeeded in integrating some of the merriment, lights and gifts from the Saturnalia festival into Christmas celebrations.The Celtic culture of the British Isles revered all green plants, particularly mistletoe and holly. These were important symbols of fertility and used for decorating homes and altars.The exact day of Christ's birth is not known. Traditions say that it was celebrated as early 98 AD. In 137 AD, the Bishop of Rome ordered Christ's birthday to be celebrated as a solemn feast. In 350 AD, the then Bishop of Rome, Julius I, choose December 25th for the observance of Christmas. The earliest English reference to 25 December as Christmas Day dates from 1043.Christmas celebrations have always been controversial as many of the festive traditions have their roots in paganism. Frivolity and feasting, the giving of gifts and frequent excesses have always been in complete contrast to the simplicity of the Nativity and are often condemned as contrary to the true spirit of Christmas.Although not the original purpose of the day, Christmas remains a traditional time for families to meet, enjoy a meal, and make merry.
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