Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cricket on Sydney

Every time whenever i got email from my friends,or have a chat with them on messenger .They ask me one question every time"Do you watch cricket on Sydney"?Every time i answered them"no".I dont know whatever they thinks about here that they may think that its easy to go to cricket match.And the next thing is wherever the match in Australia they thought its on Sydney.
Every time they ask me this question I told them i watch on tv.They asked again next question"Why"Its better to see the live ,You are in a place to see the live.But i have never tried.
I dont know actually where the cricket happens here and how much the ticket cost.

Entrance Gate A;Where we entered from this gate

You know every body i am student i dont have enough to spend but this week i got a chance to see the live .It was not the International matches like wise India Vs Australia or India Vs Pakistan bla bla but it was a local match between New south Wales and Western Australia.
But one thing its not any thing less than a international match ...Just there is absence of crowd but other thing i mean players,umpire,cost were similar.Its seems pretty same as International match.

Balling Balling;Nathan Bracken Balling against W.A
The game is supposed to be started at 2.15.We drive from home to cricket groung around 45 minutes.The stadium is named as Sydney Cricket Ground.To get how is cricket in Australia i moved with one couple...I am quite bored with the couple but I enjoyed when i get cricket ground .Its my first time on stadium at sydney .Huhe stadium with large two giant Screens on two sides of the stadium.They Broadcast the live match on the stadium with the replay of the match.

View of game with giant screen on the corner
Then the beer bar inside of stadium,comfortable chairs,and hot chips are intresting.Anyway i enjoyed the fun of cricket in Sydney .I heard from others that its better to take drinks and food from home then you will enjoy a lot.Crazy fans of the teams and heavy security are all the part of the game to see.

And after the day at night the huge pole lights with 1000 of watts get the ground glowing which is more beautiful than the day.At the end we leave the ground at 8.30 which is really a memory for me .....I enjoyed cricket in may try it if you are here or if you are planning to be here ...Howzzaat
Autographs for fans;Matthew Nicholson
For ticket and other stuffs you can chk,/

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Time is Ticking Out

How you feel about me ,from few last months ?Did you get any changes on me.Talking about my physical structure i am the same one which i used to be before.Behaviour,attitude,knowledge may be same.I think people may get surprise on me that why i am talking these things today.July20,August,September,October,November,December and January 20.Its total 6 months from July 20 to Jan 20 that i have been here in Sydney.I don't know how life spins here in so speedy way.
But It's my six months in Sydney.I did not find any changes on myself but time has changed a lot.From the beginning of berala hostel to dulwich hill .1 bedroom sharing with 5 people to 1 bedroom on 2.These all are mine experience.Canberra to Carlos bar are the interesting events as well new year and fire works are also one of the events in these six months.
Actually i cant say that i am not satisfied here .....but i am not at all.From the first day to yet i am not satisfied with work but the present one was OK.From Sakur bhai to Xin all are the fucking sucker in Sydney.Steve is bit ok up to yet.Shankar dai help me a lot to get this present job ,He have been back to Nepal but i never forget him and sameer too.You Are the best guys...
About study i have completed my two term.Both of my term are good coz its not a new one for me.At the end of term are always terrible because of the assignments and exams.Anyway they are all right ...But i am planning to switch to a next course..Hope I will...
Talking about accommodation from last 5 months i am staying with Ali.He was not too bad.We are able to know to each other that's why we are still OK.But from last few days we have the problem with the house that we have to leave it.I dint know may be we have to get separate from each other but i have not planned yet that where i have to go ...I have best here with him ..Because i get every experience of lifestyle of Australia with him.But its time to leave ...may be god will help us too continue each other again.......
So at the end from six months span,My friends prabin had written that its like a iron period in Sydney.That if you get over this first six months than you can run smoothly .But,....hope so...I will start the run soon .Anyway i hope everything will run smooth as usual.I don't have things to say that what i have lost in thse first six months and i am not also proud to say that what i have achieved...Its normal......and i used to love rocking in normal....