Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Getting late for school is like my daily routine nowdays.I get 40 minutes late on school today.With big heartbit i entered class.Every body were looking on me.Anyway i take a sit and get try to be as usual.Anna is giving her lecture on air.Many of the student along me ,we were on the lost vegas.I get online on msn and tried to get some gossip with friends.Oh!!Today is tuesday my new friend Linda is online .I tried to check her on the class room she was on the last row.We chat a while and we went for a coffee.
I miss my second class that it started bit early.Fuck...I have nothing to do...I headed City With the beautiful blonde gal for shoping.I dont have an idea on girls clothes and fashion i get quite that she buy a allstar shoes and a shirt.I just give her idea on color i cant do more than that.
After shopping ,i take her on the same place for the MOMO where i have been yesterday.She tried fried rice and some momo.she shared something about her family and some of her past eras .
After the lunch i get back home.Nothing less anyway its not a bad day ....
I have to get upearly tomorrow as well...Time to go bed

Monday, May 12, 2008

Three Out Of 9

Working ...Four long days with weekend.I have break today.Its not a perfect break that i have to go college around 1 pm on the day.Boring lecture with Anna as usual.She taught Flash...I remember the flash class with Nirman on Acme.That was much better.I dont whatsort of eduacation is here in Australia.

Its really a shit than a tution center in bagbazar.They are just behind the bulk fees.May be the education is not better due to school reputation , may be that these school are not good.I have listened that University i mean the renowned are much better here.But Any way they are just dreams ...To get Degree from them ...Blue moon in Sky ...

Finished my school then i catch with some friends of my room mate and have a heavy dumling(MO:MO) at China town.Narrow Corner with lot of People is the place where the restaurant is located but the momo are really good.may be the Pork one is much better than the lamb.The special one is the Bambo Dish which they used to serve the dumling on it.

Yum....They are fabulos ...I pay a heavy $24 for those and get back home with heavy belly.I was planning to have a foster .I get it from the bottleshop and way back home.From downstairs i saw light on the lounge room.

Some body was on the House.It was Pratikshya My flat mate.I didnot talk with her much .I headed toward my room.After a while she knock my door and gave me suprise.It not then other that she is moving from our house today.By listening that i was not really suprised.Coz i feel that she is not feeling relaxed here after the giant bro moved from here.

At first when i moved here from Ali we used to live 5 then after a Wild party gal made 6 then Nabin used to be always here then it got seven then there is a couple and it is all together Nine.

After a bit shout out ,They moved from here and we staying4 ,but from today its perfect 3 but its bit expensiveto pay $290 by three.But we need a good one not as the wild party rocker or the meshy people.But we will see who gonna be here .....Its a peaceful right now !!!!!