Thursday, February 08, 2007

Does GPK Hit the Nails on the Head ?

Photo:Nepal Television
It's been more than Two weeks that the Terai is at Fire. To resolve this problem the eight parties are at talk from last two days. The talk is not at the end for some how but yesterday at the late night they declared it and there was a speech from the Prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala.He speaks on the behalf of terai people that the constitution will edit for Terai and the citizen of Terai.He also told that opportunities for the terai’s dalits ,women and children will preferred high.At last he told all the parties who are at strike to stop it.
Anyway the thoughts from the GPK are out for the second time at Terai violence but does it work or the condition or it will be as usual???? Have your Say!!!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

"Nepal is at New Turn"

I was just checking my mails ,when i got a mail from a lady.She had written some thing about the madhesh that Nepal is going to take a new turn.I am so much exicited about the word that "Nepal is at New turn"????.Thats why i tried to waste my time on her information about the madhesh.But some wonderful things i saw there such as new madheshis national anthem...What is this ?????Bit confused....

Jornalist Attacks"How long"????

Journalist Attack a major issue at the moment of violence.Why the journalist are at the target?
It's the time at king or the present loktanta or gadatantra somehow.The condition is still the same. Its been heard at the present situation that many of the jornalists at Terai violence are attacked.So How long it will continue...............