Thursday, January 17, 2008

30 Minutes Experience

As usual getting up late is my routine ,Now days i have a next headache with the house.The lease for the house which i am staying now is going to be finished on feb 4 and we are unable to continue coz the house is going to get bought by other party.Anyway I pass the whole time checking house on the is the place i used to visit a alot.But there's problem we need a home near to city and station, 2 bedroom unit .We can get it best one by one but the problem is we need cheap which we cant get easily.

In the mid day i get a call from my friend.I planned to get camsie to get some gossip with guys but i get deviated on my way from station and we went to get experience on sydney .Its my first time on sydney but he have done a double hatrick.Anyway 30 minutes was exiciting,It was good or bad to say but i experienced it.I am not serial one but i have opinion to get an experience.Thats it...$75 to get experience is acceptable.

Then Takila,Vodka With Red bull all get part of my day. I dont know why i get so exicted today.

With work ,Boredom,Enjoyment some how is also a part of life ....Anyway my random jotting continues..........

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Busy Friends

Ring and Ring ....Sorry ....The person you are calling is unavailable leave your massage and number.Its shit man...I didnot leave anyone from my mobile whom i felt that they are freak for me and they may give me a shit time ..but noway there is no one one after another there is the same headed back home.Its been a long that i have not visited with my friends and have some chip on town hall which was daily routine for us in early days when i am at sydney but today after 5 months i tried to see the same faces around me but i cant.I know if they have job than they cant get me because everything can'tbe more than a dollar.But see every one was busy on the same hour.

I am also the same shit and a lazy bone who just work two days on week who wants company for the rest of the days but who will be here for this lazy. Anyway getting up late from bed as usual.Then have a breakfast hmmm...fried rice thats yummy.Then to get some company i get to my friends house at campsie but he wasnt there then again to get company get to city.There i have seen a lot guys on a education agent that they want to change their course.They want to study course which have a good scope as well as the chances for the residency.

I may have a great dream on it but i dont have a dollar to change my course now and i am a lazy one that i am uable to make it.I felt hungry coz its been a lot that i dont have the chips ...lets try it i spent $4.95 on it then try to call a single friend to get a compant that someone may be nearby me ....But its a lot of shit ...That i cant get anyone ..even i tried to call a new comer here on sydney who is here just 1 months ago but still her mobile was off anyway i dont have any company up to end.Then i make an end for the day i catch a train get back home..................even i feel there is nobody one the train ..on way i get a question from some one excuse me!Is this train goes to petersham?I look her face she have a big sun glasses on her face that i can see my face on her glasses.I said her in a small voice ...I am afraid this not the train for petersham...She said Shit what happened to me.....and she change from next stop ...Similarly what wrong with my friends today.......Busy sydney..busy life...busy friends...except me...But How long?????