Saturday, December 01, 2007

Sydney to Canberra

I love to read the blog entries on others blog but i got lazy writing on my own and the next thing is that i didnot get anything to write.I have the same routine every day .Getting uplate around 11 0'clock if i dont have college then have a breakfast .I feel some uneasy on the first days with the breakfast but i am allrite now.Any way this week i have been out of sydney .

I have been to canberra with one of my friends .Geeting bus from sydney is the best and cheapest way to canberra(i feel so)but if you have your own car than thats perfect that where ever you want to take a stop you can do it.Anyway it was fun .Around 11 on the morning we have allready arrived canberra.I love to have many photos but the weather was so badluck to have the photo.Anyway i have some snaps .
Canberra is a quite city in my views because no more people are there.I felt canberra lonely than sydney because i have not get chance to feel so at sydney.It is called as ACT(australian capital territory)thats why it is the capital of Australia.Its not a big city .I got the bus fare so cheap that with one ticket of $3 you can travel as many as you can on 1 day.The city is also clean but i got irritated with flies.....firstly we tried our visit from the parliamentry house then war memorial.we made plan to get telstra tower where we can have a broad look of city but i missed it .we have to return back also so around 6 we get back from canberra anyway geeting a country side look is the actual australia you can have more than city.So,i am planning to get a next try .........
A view of parliamentry house from war memorial
I felt its better to publish this photo rather than building of war memorial