Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cross Finger Still Goes On 08

Its more than enough,that i am lazy nowdays.See,Its more than 1 month that i have been lost .But the next thing i dont have such extra ordinary to write on it.Christmas has gone ...It's may be a new taste for me .I just celebrate it with watching movies at home but new year was quite impressive.Fire Works on city with Happy new year from girls "i cant ignore".

Its more than half of my vacation but no more works .I have to labour hard but i dont know the cause for this matter that its me or the job i dont know.One of my friend told me that experience is one of the main things to earn on life.thats'why i give more priority on it.hah ha,its the way to keep cool .Oh i remember talking about experience ,i have got the experience of night life of sydney .Friday night ,little drunk on bar with dance on house music.And thanks for the spanish gal who gave me experience on dancing with the cool way she knows.

Taking photos is my passion i love to share with you but weather ,photo and me are not favourable on me.I wish i will have DSLR one day that i ll share my every moments but the canon IXUS is my daily utensils today.Beside photos i browse internet nowdays more on chatting i know i hate chatting but i cant ignore because i have nothing to do.My mates suggest me to apply online but i didnot have hope coz my friends do this shit a lot.But i am not frustuated.Love enjoying reading others blogs i enjoys darshan,she has been to my hometown

and dinesh on blogmandu and prabin ..these are the blogs i used to chk alot....Any way lifes going on cross finger on good job still continues.....................