Friday, November 24, 2006

A Sad Demise of Gemayel

With huge mass of Lebanese crowd the ritual of of Pierre Gemayel was done on beruit yesturday.Gemayel who was famous as one of the lebanon's most prominent christian leader.
He was killed at car bomb attack in Beruit.
Thousand of his fans and crews are there at his funeral with a billboard posters in their hands .After the murder of Rafik Heriri this is the second attack at the lebanons leaders.
Gemayel, being as a member of anti syrian group he is supposed to be killed by the syrians.
With his demise all the lebanon's people are at the street against syria but the damaskas has refused to take the responsibility.For the attack UN has told to help the Lebanonese.
Any way the murder of Pierre Gemayel would be a great loss for the Lebanons .

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D-H-A-K-A-L said...

R.I.P Gemayel