Friday, October 20, 2006

Time for Tihar

Happy Tihar to all of the people in this world and may this festival bring peace in this world.Frens i may not update my blog on tihar that i have to go my home So enjoy u people there and keep your finger crossed to get my other post after tihar.....

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Tihar, known as the Festival of Lights and flower is on our door stepsa time of candlelight, tinsel decorations . On different days, there are
worshipping and small celebrations for crows, dogs, cows . On the night
of Lakshmi Puja, garlands are hung and lamps are lighted to invite
Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth into the home. Maha Puja, the New Year's
Day according to the Nepal Era is the day of the self, when people give
themselves blessings to remain healthy and happy for the rest of the
year. Bhai Tika, the last day of Tihar, is the day when sisters make
offerings to their brothers. The rituals of breaking a walnut, putting on
garlands of makhamali flowers and encircling brothers in rings of mustard
oil protects them from Yama, lord of the Netherworld and the cards are unforgettable in tihar..........

Happy Tihar to All you guys and gals and my Visitors!!!!!!!!!!!!!EnjoY


Anonymous said...

Dipawali ko subhakaamana hae...
umesh, Ktm

D-H-A-K-A-L said...

Happy Tihar, Raj Ji

D-H-A-K-A-L said...

Raj Ji, Blog Update Garne Bela Bhayena Bhanya !